Adult Performance // Jam Band

Who should take this class?
Jam Bands have always had a strong presence in the Colorado music scene. Jam band songs typically have sections with solo improvisation, so there is a higher lever of proficiency required for some instruments. Our weekly sessions allow participants to pick their own set of songs, and even write some material if they desire. All of the gear is set up and ready to play, plus we have a professional lighting rig to simulate the stage atmosphere of a real show!

Goal of the class: Choose songs to play as a group, and write at least one original. Learn the craft of improvising and creating "jam" sections. Prepare songs for semi-annual recording, plus a live performance at a real music venue.

Class can include: Guitarists, Bassists, Drummers, keyboardists, Vocalists, Horn Players.

Gear needed for class: Bring your guitar, bass, or horn. We provide drums, keyboards, and microphone setups.

Age Group: 18+
Frequency per week: Once a week for 2 hours
Min/Max Class Size: 2-12
Levels Accepted: Beginners and Intermediates
Class Duration: 6 months
Tuition Per Month: $95

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