Band & Orchestral Rentals

Young woman playing the violin.

Performance Play Music School offers band & orchestra instrument rentals through a related company, Menchey Music Service, Inc. Both types of instruments are available on a Rent-to-Own basis.

  • Band Instruments: Monthly payments apply toward the purchase of the instrument. If you pay off early, you get a 20% discount.
  • Orchestral / String Instruments: 100% of payments apply toward the full size version of your instrument you’re renting.

With both plans:

  • Choose from both new and like-new instruments.
  • Return option: Parents have the right to return at any time without penalty.
  • M&R plan: We offer an additional maintenance and replacement program that provides you with all regular maintenance, repairs, loaners, and damage/replacement coverage.

To rent, please either visit our location .